Confidentiality Policy and Release of Information Guidelines

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Confidentiality Policy and Release of Information Guidelines

ARAS are committed to offering all of its clients as confidential a service as possible.  Information obtained is stored in the cloud on the Salesforce Client Management System and a hard copy kept on file, this information stays within the staff team.  This information is obtained to enable the staff of ARAS to support you.  Service Users have the right to access their files.  You can request your file information from the ARAS Data Protection Officer through ARAS Project Workers at any stage.

General information (not including personal information e.g. name, address) is shared with our funders i.e. SWRDATF, the HSE and the Health Research Board for research and statistics purposes.

Staff of ARAS shall not disclose any information collected from an individual to any other person, body or agency except for the purposes for which it was collected.  The following are times when confidentiality will be broken, with notice given to the Service User:

  • The Service User has given written consent to the disclosure e.g. training centres, probation service etc.
  • If a Service User discloses abuse that has never been reported.
  • If TUSLA mandate ARAS under the Childrens’ First Act 2015 to release information about you e.g. in relation to your substance use behaviour.
  • If a Service User gives information that indicates that a minor is currently at risk of abuse.
  • If the staff assesses you to be of significant risk to yourself, then we may contact your GP, next of kin or the Gardai without your permission.
  • If your files are subpoenaed by the courts.
  • If the staff team assesses you to pose a serious risk to others (physical/sexual abuse, etc) we have an obligation to report that.

A copy of the ARAS Service Users Privacy Rights Statement will be provided to all Service Users on request or at the Initial Assessment Stage.