What services are available at ARAS Community Services?

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ARAS provides the following services to all new and re-engaging clients

  1. Referrals. Project workers can assist clients in making referrals for residential detox and rehabilitation treatment centres, community detox, counselling, housing, education and training.
  2. Key Working. ARAS offers up to six key working sessions for clients wishing to start to explore issues related to substance misuse and other related areas of life.  During this period an individual care plan is created with your project worker and personal goals are set and reviewed.  If at the end of this period you would like further key working sessions it can be reviewed by the team and further sessions may be offered.
  3. Counselling. Counselling provides the time and space to explore issues that may be deeper rooted.  Where a need is identified, a referral is made by your project worker to an ARAS counsellor onsite.
  4. Drop-In. ARAS drop ins take place every Tuesday 11.00am-01.00pm and every Thursday between 3.00pm-05.00pm.  You do not need an appointment to attend the drop-in.
  5. HSE Harm Reduction Drop In and Needle Exchange. Takes place in Newbridge every Tuesday 11.00am-01.00pm and Thursdays 02.00-04.00pm. In Celbridge every Wednesday 11am -2pm. For more information about this service you can contact the outreach workers Suzanne Bonass 086.806.5013 or Kay Conlon 086.806017
  6. Group Work. ARAS runs the following groups throughout the year:
      • The Stabillization Day Programme – A 10 week group suitable for male and female clients, who are looking to reduce their use, stop their use or who are in recovery.
      • Relapse Prevention Day Programme – A 10 week group for male and female ARAS clients who are in recovery or medically stabilized with an abstinence goal.
      • The ARAS Recovery Support Group
      • Auricular Acupuncture group– Takes place every Monday @ 2.00pm (excluding bank holidays).  It is an open group, i.e. clients can come to the group whenever they like.  For Celbridge days and time please contact the Celbridge office 087.953.6722
  7. Holistic therapies. ARAS provides individual holistic massage and auricular acupuncture for all clients by appointment.
  8. Urine Analysis. ARAS provides supervised urine analysis when necessary as part of referrals for residential treatment facilities.
  9. Family Support Network. ARAS hosts a family support group, which is part of the Family Support Network, linking in with a number of other groups from the border areas. Meet on Monday night at 8.00pm. The family support group is open to family members or friends who are experiencing difficulties with a loved ones addiction.
  10. Simon Support  – Simon drop-in support for help with tenancy sustainment