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ARAS Offices in Newbridge

ARAS Offices in Newbridge

Who are ARAS Community Addiction Services?

ARAS is a community project for those living with drug or alcohol addiction and their families or friends. We are based in Newbridge and Celbridge, servicing the Kildare and West Wicklow area.

Our Approach to Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

ARAS Office in Celbridge

ARAS Office in Celbriidge

Drug treatment has developed in a fairly organic way in Ireland since the 60’s. There has been broad agreement through the national drug strategy (click here to download PDF). Where you live can determine the services you get, who provides them and what approach is used.

In ARAS we view problems associated with alcohol and drugs as being located on a continuum, from potential or little harm to serious problematic misuse. Our services are aimed at meeting these difficulties in people where they are at on that spectrum. This includes approaches from drug-free to harm reduction. We provide appropriate responses to that place with respect to where that person sees themselves now and where they wish to be in the future. To this end we develop a professional care plan to meet their needs and plan for the future. This may involve skills teaching, counselling, holistic treatment, stabilisation, detoxification, rehabilitation or aftercare.

ARAS Newbridge Drop In Centre

ARAS Newbridge Drop In Centre

Our approach at ARAS is to help address the harm caused by the misuse of drugs to individuals and society through services that focus on treatment and rehabilitation. Part of drug and alcohol treatment services link into prevention from a harm reduction approach, and our contribution to research is ongoing through our statistical reports to the drug treatment board.

How do we help people change?

The four components that may help someone changes are:

  1. See the problem
  2. Understand the risk
  3. Experience and digest consequences
  4. See the potential for change.

How we improve outcomes

At ARAS we work hard improving the relationships we have with our clients. It is the core of what we do. In client surveys the message we get back is that ARAS is a safe place, the staff are trusted, and the focus is on goals and recovery. This therapeutic alliance is key to what we do and instrumental in our client retention and progressions. Also helping, remove barriers to treatment and rehabilitation, is our working relationships to other agencies and teams, our client key-working and case management, the integration of evidence-based practice and approaches like the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), and generally being structured and well-organised.